DayZ DayZ Server: Whitelist


Code MoNkey
Due to the recent events on our server... we've decided to go full whitelist.

For those of you who don't know what a whitelist is, it's a feature where we allow certain people to join. We'll implement a nice system on our site but for the time being... respond in this thread to get access to the server. If you've been on the server recently, just post your in-game name and we can take care of the rest.

Before requesting to be white listed YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 10 POSTS ON THE WEBSITE, PLEASE read about our server on our dedicated server page: There's slight changes on it that you may want to know about.

Lastly these are the rules you must abide by:
  • No PvP Combat Logging(bannable offense)
  • No spamming side chat
  • No talk that can be considered offensive (racism, sex, insults ect...)(bannable offense)
  • No voice chat in Side Chat(warning->warning->kick->ban on repeated times)
  • No Hacking or Glitch/Bug Exploiting(bannable offense)
If you agree to these rules proceed with the application

After you have 10 posts : Respond to this thread like this:

In-Game Name:
How you found us:
Why you want to join a private white listed hive :
I Agree to the rules: YES


Apartment Landlord
I guess we're gonna have to form the Cherno Police Department! It's too bad we can't make all the blacklisted ppl spawn in some pit somewhere and disable their input commands. We'd have to call the area "Fish in a Barrel"