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This will be an ongoing thread that will be updated over time to give you guys additional information on DayZ.

Since DayZ is a constantly changing game some of this information could be inaccurate at the time of reading it but we'll do our best to keep it updated.

DayZ Server Browsing
So assuming you have the game installed and ready to play it's time to find a server. Now there's a few methods for this and it really comes down to preference​
I personally am a huge fan of DayZ Commander, the interface is clean, it handles the updating for Arma 2 and DayZ for you and on top of that the developer for it is actively engaged in updating the program and involved in the discussion of it.

Picking a server: Picking and finding a home server can be a tedious and frustrating tasks. Between finding one that the owner will keep the bill and the version up to date, to one that has good time zones for your preference will more than likely give you a headache. On DayZ Commander it has server filters you can use to find a server to your liking, or you can also look in the title so see some things such as:
US ### ( Beta 96584) [Veteran 3DP:1 CH:1]
With this information you can see it's a United States server, running the DayZ version of, the Arma 2 version of 96584, as well as Veteran difficulty, with 3rd person view ON and Cross Hairs on. (1 being ON).

This is another task that will come down to preference, I personally prefer Veteran with 3rd person on along with Cross Hairs.

DayZ Spawning on the beach
One of the most common questions I've seen asked for newer DayZ players is what's the best thing to do right off the beach. I've played DayZ for quite some time and have died numerous times enough to learn different methods :). First things first right when you spawn LOOK at the bottom right and look where you spawn so you get an idea of where you are. Here's a few generic options for things to do when you spawn in:​
  • Spawn into a heavily populated server and go for a major city or the southern airfields, usually you'll always find dead bodies(you can find dead bodies by listening for swarms of flies around them) that you can loot. Some say well heavily populated servers will have more people in the major cities... true however what is there to lose! You just spawned in! Once you find enough equipment head north to the other airfields
  • Get the bare basics through small houses and farms or industrial buildings, typically in explorable houses you can find food and water, and in farm or industrial buildings you'll usually always find an axe to defend yourself
  • Avoid large cities, when you hit up large cities you'll most definitely find other survivors that will shoot on site. In this game you'll quickly learn you can close to no one so stick to smaller villages and loot the buildings that are open.
Of course there's multiple ways and preferences when it comes to spawning in, I personally as stated above love the top suggestion but it comes down to it, it's what works best for you.
I'll update this thread further down the road, I'm also working on a few simple videos for your guys pleasure to help you out in DayZ!
Dayz Quick Tips
I'll leave you for now with a few quick tips i hope some of you can benefit from, some of this may seem like common sense but for the newer players it's invaluable.​
  • This is a great map to set easily read markers to tell friends where you are or maybe where something is:
  • Here's a great loot map, shows you vehicle spawns, deer stands and the different kinds of loot:
  • When spawning in as a new character make sure to view your location in the bottom right
  • If you're down on blood and no one else is around to give you a blood bag, GO HUNTING! A cow will replenish a few thousand of your blood
  • If you're in dire need of food or drink, kill some zombies, it's quite common to find one of them on zombies
  • Groceries stores will almost always have backpacks in for the taking on top of plenty of food and drink
  • Not all buildings are explorable, the typical rule is if you can see inside the windows, you'll be able to walk in the building
  • Vehicles spawn all over the map however they typically need fixing up
Again I'll be updating this thread in due time but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!