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Started by Russ, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. OFFLINE Jan 5, 2013 #1

    Russ Code MoNkey

    This is just some reference for those who may not know about the ranks in CS:GO. As you win more matches during the competitive game play mode you'll earn some sort of ELO. I don't think as of now the ELO system has been made public or people really know how it works exactly but long story short... win matches, get higher ranks.

    Here's a list of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Ranks so far:

    To get an idea of this system... I'm currently a Distinguished Master Guardian and my wins currently sit at 43. I did have to leave one match which instantly demoted me rank, not sure if I was right at the brink of leveling so the penalty was enough to demote or if leaving does demote you instantly(I'd prefer not to find out the hard way :)).
  2. OFFLINE Jan 9, 2013 #2

    Russ Code MoNkey

    I want to figure this system out... :(, I dropped a rank down to Legendary Eagle by losing 2 games, now I won 4 in a row and haven't gotten back up heh. No beuno!
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  3. OFFLINE Jan 9, 2013 #3

    XxSXBxX [GE] Forums Hog/Spammer

    Dropped down? o_O Legendary Eagle > Distinguished Master Guardian though. Also if you did in fact drop down, it's probably because you lost 2 games against people severely under your rank maybe, and it gave you a bigger kick, than winning those 4 games gave back. That's how it goes in most games i've ranked in.
  4. OFFLINE Jan 9, 2013 #4

    Russ Code MoNkey

    Usually... still don't understand it though, I usually play solo queue to get people along the same rank. It's frustrating :(
  5. OFFLINE Jan 10, 2013 #5

    XxSXBxX [GE] Forums Hog/Spammer

    I don't even know how to get ranked in that game, I suck so bad at it. It's probably an Elo system, and runs very similarly to League's.
  6. OFFLINE Jan 10, 2013 #6

    Kael [GE] Certified Stoner

    Well you know it goes off the score, not k:d. SB is probably right about the lower ranks winning thing. One thing I noticed is that when the bomb is planted, you get double score for everything.

    Personally I dropped down from Legendary Eagle > Distinguished Master Guardian and won quite a few since then but have not ranked up. I have decided I am not going to care about the rank though as it won't matter in league play and to have a high ranking I pretty much have to play with 1-2 people on my friends list and ignore the rest.
  7. OFFLINE Jan 10, 2013 #7

    Russ Code MoNkey

    Yep.... I dropped to the same rank after losing a match with a pre-made of 5 which were slightly lower ranks.
  8. OFFLINE Jan 13, 2013 #8

    MattC [GE] Peon

    I wasn't even aware they added in a ranking system.
  9. OFFLINE Feb 21, 2013 #9

    PlayIGL [GE] Peon

    We're working on a matchmaking system at IGL for fixing the issues people are having with the (albeit robust) CSGO system (and also to make it more fun and compatible with league play). It should be released within the next two weeks as part of a regular code release.

    link removed.

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