DayZ Corrupted Data #3

I've been kicked twice today for this, both times while hitting G on a pile of items to loot something. Can't find much on this on the internet other than something that involves streaming via XSplit which i have no clue how to do. I do have ventrilo running though to talk to my brother but thats it. Anyone with some advice on how to solve this is much appreciated!


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I'm seeing this error pop up on another Arma server as well... not sure if it's a new bug.

One person it was related to live streaming, I recommended re-installing Battleye through steam.


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This is being advertised through our Battle eye on the server, just a heads up:

Admins should give players being kicked for "BattlEye Hack #2" or "BattlEye Hack #3" between January 15, 19:00 GMT and January 17, 13:00 GMT the benefit of the doubt. During this time these violations could have affected legitimate players as well.

I think that may of been related (y)


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It does have to do with the new battleye that just came out yesterday-ish. I'm sure they will get it fixed in the next version XD