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H1Z1 Map - With all names and locations

This may help organize some newer folks when playing with the veterans on learning map locations and names that will be called out during gameplay.

What some us call Dartmouth Way is "long neighborhood".

Also never really paid much attention to the small residential between Pisspot Creek and De Soto - "Oholone Circle" .


Dead By Daylight - Wow...

Holy crap this game is a lot of fun. They've done a good job of really making it seem like you're in some sort of horror movie. From the original videos I saw the graphics didn't really look that good but immediately upon playing I think it's just the art style. It's like Left 4 Dead 2 style to an extent, just really creepy.

If you own PayDay 2 you have a slight discount on the product for a few more days, the game officially comes out June 14th, for around $20 the game is really cool.

I'm not entirely sure about the replay value of it... not sure what they have planned for additional features but I'll have for the best.

DayZ dev log demo gameplay - Gamescon

Looks like a great step forward for DayZ (Finally). I hope they can get back to what it once was.

Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP Sept 21st

Who's up for trying it out? @mamBa @Russ ?

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